SkillMonk  LMS - Online Learning:
SkillMonk  LMS is an online learning portal, developed to help the students to learn new age skills through mobile platform.
Students who have registered for web based online classes can also login to this Android app and study online.
This app might not be absolute replacement to web based learning, but provides some alternate access to the content.

About SkillMonk:
SkillMonk provides comprehensive learning solutions to Educational institutions. SkillMonk's Online Learning, Assessment, and Collaboration Application Plug-n-Play plug-ins work on Cloud. With ever-growing library of functionalities and features, Institutions have the option to select and choose the solution framework. Its OpenPlug Architecture helps Institutions to integrate with their existing ERP or other Institute Management Software.
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SkillMonk : Bengaluru, Karantaka, INDIA

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